Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

As he descended, there in the depths. Her response? An attempt at self preservation, as any human would. Surviving is the thesis of our existence, it’d only make sense to protect yourself first. Surrounded by the water filled into his environment, the liquids he thought he could handle. Like the man with too much on his plate; his belly, lungs, and emotions started to overwhelm. The water filled every portion it could.

With no room for oxygen, he looked for something else, the one accompanying him. She wasn’t a paramedic in the occupational sense, but to him she was in every other way he needed at the moment, or that she portrayed herself to be. However, she wasn’t ready for the job. No oxygen mask for the both of them, just one, for her. He thought ahead, figuring the inevitable flood would lead to a lack of oxygen, and picked up a mask for her on the way. Did she?

At first the water was warm, and comforting. Then full of pressure and devoid of circulation. Clinging to life, he saw what sat beneath their feet; the plug. Should he pull it? Is now the time? The pressure isn’t too bad, there’s definitely got to be another solution. Looking up frantically searching for the key to his survival, he misplaced the focus and started to feel the filled room lose its filling agent.

In search of a solution, any other solution than the one he knew he needed to do. He realized she pulled the plug, not because she couldn’t survive but because he couldn’t. It drained out, all of it. Reduced to the empty room they started in, they walked out the door.

As he made his way down the hall, he drew a shred of curiosity and glanced back in her direction. With her back turned to him, she headed toward the exit. That’s all he needed to see. But, as he made it back to his car in the parking lot, he couldn’t help but wonder if they remembered to close the door to the room. Was it still open? Spotify connected to his car bluetooth and started playing, then the thought slipped his mind before he could consider it any further. A text from someone he used to know followed, and he found himself on the way to a new destination.

A fictional writer with deep themes of social commentary, romance and the dichotomy of relationships.